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Fanstagram is free and easy to get started with, and is a platform designed to help you create the content you want, connect more deeply and directly with your biggest fans, and grow your creative business.

Stars and fans can become closer by communicating directly with their most passionate fans.

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Creators who are active on Fanstagram, the fastest way to communicate, are called “stars.”
Basically, support through subscription on Fanstagram will provide practical support from “fans” who will support the “star” and 1:1 messages,
which will allow for further expansion of activities and fulfillment of what fans want directly. can.

Rather than communicating with an unspecified number of people, you can communicate with people who love and support the creator through a small link called sponsorship.

The most authentic branding

Each creator active on Fanstagram is a brand.
We will do our best to create a better environment.
We will collect the difficulties of creators regarding profile management, fan meetings, merchandise, tax issues, and other activities,
and support them until they become true stars who can grow further.

Fanstagram is a platform where “fans” can communicate most closely.
It is an online creative home where you can browse the digital products of “stars.”

Share and protect value.

Fanstagram is a service for people working on various platforms (celebrities, broadcasters, YouTubers, TikTokers, influencers) and in various professional occupations to gather the scattered “fans” of “stars” here to communicate and provide value. Use it as a space to share and communicate.

Fanstagram safely protects you from various screenshots or screen recordings.

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